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 ITEM DAMAGE Seinaru relies on weapon and hand procs which are both item dmg Shadow
 Heroic Fury - They will see you, they are dead Q2 together with the Glyph of Consecration becomes a Damage Aura. Build focus on STR + Q2. Q1 helps against Single Target. Guggelhupf
 Unstoppable Horny Wrecking Ball Single-slot permanent Spell Immunity, 65% Magic/Pure resist and 99%+ physical resist, attack all enemies every 0.03sec w/ permastun and heavy DPS, while abusing OP enemy abilities! Deckard Cain
 Slardar R arcana build Tanky and deals ridiculous amounts of damage. Challenge friendly for spell armor/hp mods. Can do great skips Ned
 Sorceress solo sea 30 min жёлтая молния кон
 A build with low spell pierce but high dps 14M DPS, 60K current HP,114K MAX HP Ceeeeeeeb朋克2077
 Mountain Protector's Journey of E Spam Mountain Protector's E1 has a scaling of 12% per rune. This makes it an ideal dmg source. Left Click
 str omniro str is the most importand !! str give you any thing (BAD, base attack, attack speed, even armor pierce) Hi im newbie
 快乐鞭炮白牛 一路E来E去保持E2的盾 怪碰到你就死了 暗涌
 super cheap AXE build for beginers! 最强新手斧王! super cheap, 150k mithril and 7.4k gems, solo sven before shield, solo sea in 2 death and 50min, good mobility, skip stuffs, 极度便宜,组这套一共花了15w水晶和7k4宝石,秒sven,50分钟2死solo海图,机动性好,可以跳图。 laisertank
 Deckard's Ice Bitch Indestructible Arcane Torrent build, using body Arcana to transmute all elemental damage into amped Ice. Solo all content safely and quickly! Deckard Cain
 Fly me to the Moon(Ver.2) Q to Up in the sky and Blink like stars with E(Solo SEA 30min) MoMenTuM
 Speedy boi Running around while leaving remnants behind to kill your enemies. Adonans
 猴子啊 啊啊 啊啊 如果有满W1+R2武器 崇高就戴全部R1的 RPG
 Double arcana R1 build (c)c0okieem0nsta Insane mobility and survivability with decent damage output (About 10kk DPS). Enough to deal with all the content and large amount of challenges. +-12min Arena and +-30min Sea Road_To_Silver
 Imagine paying 25m mithril for Venomort arcanas OMEGALUL Non arcana build that can range any mob in game also kill valdun in a single phase with dirt cheap gear Ned
 Immortal Flying Pig Damage immune with head arcana. Around 36 points in Q3 for permanent flying. Then scale Q1. Requirements: Head Arcana, Body Outland Cuirass, Glyph of the Wraith. Rest is optional. MeeKia
 ZAPPED AWAY Just Zap away with E and be tanky as hell :) Lönnmördare
 Puzzler locket Build Well just stack Q2 runes like a baws :3 14522 agi ftw c0okieem0nsta
 Pala double arcana Use W and E ibituruna
 Mother of Tiamat Can do about 30m dps with nice roll and gem 5 (still do 17m dps with bullshit gear like me) and also tanky Hi im newbie
 w arcana with fire deity (upgraded) 8m+ dps, 101 hp build Ravye
 Fishy Boy 4.0 Extremely tanky one shotter with shit aoe, can be adjusted for more aoe Ned
 Axe Arcana Axe Arcana hakod อิ.อิ✌ 💰💸
 Arcana glove only but w2 scales with int w2 scales with int, so slap on some w2 runes and some int Left Click
 Hydroxis R arcana caster The DPS: ~23kk. Decent Hp and armor. Master of skipping! fiessling
 W build, No Arcana, 60M DPS, Good Survival 200% BAD, 340% Elemental, 100k HP, 3K attributes MoMenTuM
 Snow Angel A lovely girl dishing out high caliber snowballs. The13thReaper
 Hybrid dmg dk w arcana with fire deity 13m+ hybrid dmg base on w and deity proc Ravye
 ONIMARU!!!!乌鸦头剑圣 let them die!!!! 表弟慢热手!
 Perma Invis Stalker dual arcana Stay invisible with magic immunity 100% uptime and u cant be targeted or killed also while raining down chaos c0okieem0nsta
 Waves of Lag Q build Drown your enemies with your shockwaves! Adonans
 Quad-arcana puppet master Because why not? Screaming Phoenix Killer
 No Cooldown R1 Drow Space Tech w 30% cooldown Gem, Kabuto & Violet Boots. The rest is optional MeeKia
 E3 with no arcana Increase E3, Base Ability, Holy Element and some Item damage for weapon. Can take down valdun in one go. Senofdark
 Happy BM for the sea海图快乐兽王 move to kill every thing. If its slow, stand on ice q for a second. If its still slow, one chop to finish.没什么是走路不能解决的,如果有,那就补上q2来发平砍。 laisertank
 Have you ever dream about this before 4.0? Spirit Warrior R and W arcanas are working. No joking. monkoose
 Auto attack trapper one turn sven with good gears and gems Hah
 Immortal Zeus DPS Build (Challenge Master) Can do all challenges that doesn't include E or W disabled. Ned
 NO Cooldown R Drow Space Tech with Emerald gem, Violet Boots, Kabuto, Signus. I have low gear lvl, wep any with R1 even mythical. d
  Ternak Tuyul (Ghost summons ghosts) Spirit Remnant build, you become ghost then roll out 5 little ghosts, perma invis then let your ghosts clear all mobs. Fun meme build! Indomie❣
 Drow R1 (budget) Drow R1 R2 build with cheap budget, you can find alone the gear during farming. Can farming all maps. For better and more expensive can use Beryl trinket Indomie❣
 Drow Double Arcana Q & R. Build this because got cheap R arcana lol. 1 hit man Indomie❣
 Auto Attack Auriun. Party R Buff with self clearing ability. Important runes are at least 25 points in E3, followed by R1, E2, W2. Keep R and E buff active. Need T5-1, T7-1 auriun glyphs. At least 100k hp with 30k hp regen with R active. MeeKia
 Q1 + E 2e8 dps 至宝伤害足够,保命就好,单刷海底 输习惯了就好
 Seven visions spamming build get yo panties out Hah
 Lord Scarloth on drugs Super glass cannon unless if played by Ancient rank and above. B) The Annoying Salesman
 only need E to fuck every thing !! (auto attack build) 200m dps with black paint 240k+ hp and life steal with e3 Hi im newbie
 Atral Ranger helm arcana auto attack build(high pure dmg) build designed entirely around q2 rune for dmg output Shadow