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 StarStorm Style V.1 (solo) quick R + Average Dmg + Nerver Die THAILAND 100%
 THE BEST AXE BUILD build demonstration PURE DPS above 1 300 000 000 000 000 - 1 500 000 000 000 000 and 200 % DPS boost versus bosses and paragons . БАРСИК
 Rider on the storm There's a killer on the road. Deadly powerful. Fast as lightning. 17 min Sea speedrunner: Kaizer
 just w just w ,nothing important ,almost infinit mana 千手观音 左哼哼
 Impoved R1 R2 build. Can solo every map. More damage, better durability, still cheap and very easy to use. Just press R and chill. Kaizer
 R Dinath - master gloves Magical DPS, Great AOE, good CC redledcat
 !SOLO! !!!Sea in under 30 min challenge!!!! !!! Kill Sven (Val'Dun) before he shields because thats always hard... BUILD !!! Obzalete
 Triple arcana, W1 dps Pure DPS, AOE redledcat
 Fishy Boi is Back Kill everything you touch in the game in matter of seconds while being invulnerable Ned
 Lord of Heaven, father of gods Heavy nuker Zeus! Kaizer
 Харакири ! 腹切り ! Самый быстрый фид !!! Не обгонит ни кто ! Смысл ? Принести себя в жертву сатане !!! Mr.Pickles
 Smoking kills! Huge AOE with good damage, permanent invisibility and decent mobility: Kaizer
 solo sea w w w w パブルシャ
 Sea fortress Nightmare speed farmer(fairly budget friendly) This build is optimized for quick farming + survival of SEA whether solo or in a group. Shadow
 纵横海图无敌手 q3e3武器表示你能无限起飞,e3叠加q1的伤害。全部力量,敏捷的效果基本没有,别多问,力量就对了。 孟婆欠我一碗汤
 serengard serengard Ангел Хранитель
 George's fighting spirits! Very simple build to play, send out spirits and activate ult. Maintain fire weapon buff for more dmg reduction(q2) and more bonus dmg. Watch as your spawns kill everything. Shadow
 Fire Monkey Beast Arcana Fire Deity build Gokiburi-gumi
 Full Arcana build Thor-Women :) (God of Lighting) THAILAND 100%
 Retarded damage but needs invul bug or zeus Press Q twice then R then Q twice again and use W to refresh cd of Q. That's basicly it. Ned
 R Style Best build best and Easy Play THAILAND 100%
 装逼就行了 只要太阳宝石到位,什么至宝头,双至宝都是弟弟 ZOOM
 idk wtf is this gud for life is hard 老思鸡爷爷
 Гаргилии имба Мало кто знает что гаргулий с 3 и руной Е2 можно приручить 1 скиллом Hamody
 R Dinath, Water Deity Style. Using Diamond Claws of Tiamat Can solo SEA, Doesn't make you lag, Can kill Valdun easily ⅎnǝN
 Very interesting Epoch in 3.9+ no it's not Hah
 快乐敌法 e-q e-q 完事了 暗影圣装圣剑
 Q arcana + R2, double dot source legit working after the change Hah
 Arcana R Build - 1 Shot Val'dun, 15 Sec. Bahamut Deletes bosses and decent clear speed Ned
 Insane healing, 99%+ resistance and max attack power cap Before we proceed, read this link to get the first idea: Hah
 根据贤者大佬的改版,走路就行 成品8开头17位,820移动速度,五分钟中路,不服来辩 ZOOM
 AM Arkimus AM Arcana hakod อิ.อิ✌ 💰💸
 Inexpensive E build! Good for RF + Sea + Arena AP♥
 God of burning flame Portable artillery Kaizer
 The World's Fastest Samurai Who needs damage when you have supersonic speed? Kaizer
 Top performance Top performance THAILAND 100%
 hero desc not really a build, just try to explain what every rune does AI
 Body Arcana Build Can solo kill all boss on sea Weak to DOT type of dmg Toggle off W to heal with potion ⅎnǝN
 Highdamage can farm winterblight active 3 stone Need Frozen Heart if don't you will die so fast. Shield from W3 can't protect you ♥♥NOVA.Louis♥♥
 R build with helm arcana. high damage fire elemental dot from r2r3 Shadow
 Improved Q build, 1.5 second kill on valdun. No deaths Play tested and was able to solo Sea map in 20 min(some skips used) Shadow
 高频率飓风 火焰法杖的幻象也会触发你的飓风背心,高频率飓风单发5-8E+15位的伤害清怪效率高也更加安全,单海图35分钟以内。 風葉靜
 装逼白牛 装逼就完事了 量子波动棋手
 Luma-Stargazer Ring of Fire W Arcana, almost immortal, Ring of Fire, magic+pure redledcat
 Global instakill on every enemy in RPC OD's helm Arcana has global cast range and a monstrous Q1 Deckard Cain
 Zeus father Please add a title and description Cat″
 Solo every thing Just press Q EZ build !HemiTheLegend®
 My Creation V1 Best Build 11/9/2019 Combine Arcana Helm And Cytopian Laser Glove THAILAND 100%
 观星敌法 木桩dps17位,然而没卵用 大千世界
 Ninja Assassin Permanent Invisible, Superior Magic and Pure damage def. 16 digits damage. Gokiburi-gumi