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 StarStorm Style V.1 (solo) quick R + Average Dmg + Nerver Die No.1_Roshpit
 THE BEST AXE BUILD build demonstration PURE DPS above 1 300 000 000 000 000 - 1 500 000 000 000 000 and 200 % DPS boost versus bosses and paragons . ㋛ JOHN PSINA ✔
 just w just w ,nothing important ,almost infinit mana 千手观音 左哼哼
 R Dinath - master gloves Magical DPS, Great AOE, good CC redledcat
 Triple arcana, W1 dps Pure DPS, AOE redledcat
 Solo every thing Just press Q EZ build !HemiTheLegend
 Харакири ! 腹切り ! Самый быстрый фид !!! Не обгонит ни кто ! Смысл ? Принести себя в жертву сатане !!! Mr.Pickles
 hero desc not really a build, just try to explain what every rune does AI
 Fishy Boi is Back Kill everything you touch in the game in matter of seconds while being invulnerable Ned
 !SOLO! !!!Sea in under 30 min challenge!!!! !!! Kill Sven (Val'Dun) before he shields because thats always hard... BUILD !!! Obzalete
 Inexpensive E build! Good for RF + Sea + Arena AP♥
 Global instakill on every enemy in RPC OD's helm Arcana has global cast range and a monstrous Q1 Deckard Cain
 红岩风暴斧王 Q E WWWWW 秋天扫树叶
 Improved Q build, 1.5 second kill on valdun. No deaths Play tested and was able to solo Sea map in 20 min(some skips used) Shadow
 Always full HP, 99%+ resists, and 2.147b total attack power We fixed the bug that would cause attack damage to overflow into the negatives if it exceeded 2.147b. That means Arcana E3 + Silverspring Gloves is now viable. Deckard Cain
 AM Arkimus AM Arcana hakod อิ.อิ✌ 💰💸
 standard Hydroxis standard Hydroxis 王斯王
 Wrath of a thousand stars(14-digits) Inspired by Deckard Cain's Starfish MatchingBunBelly
 装逼白牛 装逼就完事了 你是带不动我的
 Lord of Heaven, father of gods Heavy nuker Zeus! Kaizer
 STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM Root and disarm enemies with W, disabling their AI forever Deckard Cain
 Luma-Stargazer Ring of Fire W Arcana, almost immortal, Ring of Fire, magic+pure redledcat
 猴爪卡 至宝头卡 带着猴爪!!!3000万血左右 土宝宝全程输出!!!! 谷主·剑衣香蓝
 Бессмертный Владыка, при виде которого замираешь в ужасе И так билд иккана бесмертного, его почти не убить с таким билдом, а его армия расправляется со всеми на всех картах не хуже других героев Krishna
 JustAxeThemDown 150Q damage from one fire deity proc when creeps frozen with R2. Its hard to dps this because sometimes it procs sometimes no. Enough to oneshot Val'Dun. monkoose
 Autoattack R3 Pure DPS redledcat
 balance as all things should be balanced q1 and q2 Differential
 至宝斧王 q触发大招,e buff 星辰
 非至宝强力蓝天猎风天怒 没有什么是一发Q不能解决的
 Physical AXE can do either of the 3 paths in SEA fortress. Shadow
 Тракса (Astral Ranger): Божественный феникс Билд для опытных, и обеспеченных игроков. Основная задумка билда: игра через феникса. X-LordoR-X
 天降斧王 雷霆天降,风暴神兵 荒野之云😁-SA(382/1000)
 immortal E3 Baha High damage, high post-mitigation, great survival! RI
 Maximum DMG,TOP BUILD !!! can pick potion powerup and solo all map all boss (weak mob skill stun regen hp) No.1_Roshpit
 Map sea for single Kill bosses Q+R+E+W or W+E+Q+W ZeRo
 Arcana Style Best With Arcana No.1_Roshpit
 Axe Axe Arcana hakod อิ.อิ✌ 💰💸
 Zeus father Please add a title and description Cat″
 Dual arcana W + E + Puzzler's Locket 18 digits buffed, 600k agi, ~3m hp Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz
 11111 小黑's bd2 biu 11111 小黑
 STARFISH Give your entire party Odin Helmet, Heavy Echo Gloves, and Slipfinn's amazing E4 Deckard Cain
 Solo Sea Bulid High Damage, Invulnerable Melkor
 Invulnerable MK birdy build Magical AoE, Boss killer, literally invulnerable Ned
 Dragonwings arcanas Mobility version, Active heat wave all time. Trương Tri Trúc Diễm
 Jug 2 Arcana Jug 2 Arcana hakod อิ.อิ✌ 💰💸
 4е15 ТОП дмг Чистый урон за один удар 2е15, дпс около 4е15 СЫН МАМИНОЙ ПОДРУГИ
 Slark solo (no arcana) Permanent invisibility, good damage and fast clear for most maps Anarchy089
 Solo SEA Seinaru very powerful jugg build that can solo kill all of SEA content. w3 from hand allows you to survive everything until you kill it. Kills Valdun in about 1 second. Shadow
 R build with helm arcana. high damage fire elemental dot from r2r3 Shadow