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 ITEM DAMAGE Seinaru relies on weapon and hand procs which are both item dmg Shadow
 Heroic Fury - They will see you, they are dead Q2 together with the Glyph of Consecration becomes a Damage Aura. Build focus on STR + Q2. Q1 helps against Single Target. Guggelhupf
 New Auriun 4.1 - Have Test Video :) Pure AOE Pierce Immunity , Die Hard, MS 2100+, DPS 15-20M ผกเรือก
 Moistbringer (This Build is Bullhit) 20m+ edps, ~99% uptime on physical damage immunity and magical damage immunity, great clear speed for ALL content SpooN Foy
 Auto attack trapper (updated) former version: 󠀡󠀡useless
 My Sorceress - Have Test Video :) item build, Pure AOE DMG, Harded , Pure DPS 15-20M(Perfect Gem), Pierce Magic Immunity ผกเรือก
 My Jex - Have Video :) Without Arcana, Die Hard ,Max DPS 19M ผกเรือก
 The Irresistible Force is the Immovable Object 9m+ edps, 110k+ hp, 33% resist all, 20k+ hp regen, 650+ movespeed, 4m+ aoe pure damage nukes every 0.3 seconds SpooN Foy
 Telefrag E heals Conjuror's summons for 100% of their max HP upon arrival. With huge Q1, their millions of health are the perfect fuel for the BKB-piercing Pure nukes of Hierophant Gloves. Deckard Cain
 Shredder Bombard enemies with irresistible Physical damage while remaining permanently untargetable and Spell Immune at high altitudes Deckard Cain
 Wide-Angle Disintegration Beam E2 range and speed bonuses also affect E4; excessive E2 investment results in a cone of map-clearing death orbs. Almost no CD with Immortal Weapon. Deckard Cain
 My Auriun - Have Video :) Sea Fortress 21minutes(Can be under 21 minutes),Die Hard , 8-22+M DPS, 1600ms(Can be more than 2400+) ผกเรือก
 Carnobog Revived Original build by Deckard Cain: Due to some changes to Chernobog, this build needed to be updated. Yiling Patriarch
 无至宝pa,6000w+输出 永久过载,永久100%敏捷加成,永久80%闪避,不碰必中怪基本不会死 过江
 New Solunia - Have Test Video :) DPS 10m+, Pierce Immunity, Harden , With Arcana Glove ผกเรือก
 My Paladin - Watcth Video :) ผกเรือก
 arcana jex Q(宇宙+火)+W(宇宙+火)+E(宇宙+火) 王斯王
 750% abilitie damage, 40k spell pierce, 1100 move speed The sea travels in 25 minutes. E1 blocks all damage with a 90% chance. Bahamut can die only if its someone one shot. Most monsters die before they can do damage. SCHRODINGER'S CAT
 Zhonik through the shield cast shield on yourself by cooldown, if the mob is very fat, then stand near the enemy and run. pure damage will finish the enemy Maite
 My Seinaru - Watcth Video :) Indy, All Type DMG, The Flash ผกเรือก
 My Djanghor V.2 - Have Video :) Rebuild V.2, Auto AOE DMG, Harded, DPS 11M (m -armor 0) / 5M (m-armor 10K) ผกเรือก
 快乐天怒头至宝 就是qqqqqqqq无法处理雪中的黄金颅骨怪物 我说的,耶苏也救不了他
 Prepare to buy a new R key Zero cooldown, Pseudo-immortal, never stop running, R1 nuker. SpooN Foy
 Flock You A single Viper pet is capable of killing any unit in the game without breaking a sweat. You're permanently invisible, you have a dozen Vipers, and they all fly through walls. Deckard Cain
 Zhuper Zhonik Zhpeeds!: The Deathball Build by ZhpooN 10m+ edps aura, 1100+ movespeed, 20k+ spell pierce, 89%+ resist all, 50%+ status resist SpooN Foy
 My Red General - Watcth Video :) Q with Item Build (re post to fix the description) ผกเรือก
 only need E to fuck every thing !! (auto attack build) 200m dps with black paint 240k+ hp and life steal with e3 Hi im newbie
 Death Star Rain Gauntlet's Amethyst starburst is fueled by Moon Shard R spam with Chains of Orthok gaining bonus stacks while W is toggled on. Deckard Cain
 POWERRRRRRRRRR wb 3 in 17min or less 2k Move speed, 850k+ attack , 120k+ Hp, High Mdef/ spell Pierce BASICALLY Warlord on crack c0okieem0nsta
 My Duskbringer - Watcth Video :) 177M DPS - Auto ATK - Auto Kill - Easy to play ผกเรือก
 My Flamewaker - Have Video :) 17M+ DPS , HP101 , Die Hard , Item Build ผกเรือก
 My Slipfinn(Slark) - Watcth Video :) One Hit Kill All Sea Boss ผกเรือก
 4.0刷图舒爽老鹿(无障碍跳图) 单海图能进14mins以内,jjc能6mins+搞定,出暴击单发输出650w,穿透12000+ ZJ
 My Omniro INT - Watcth Video :) Omniro INT ผกเรือก
 Swayze Build (A Hot Ghost), AKA Kickin' Ass & Wakin' Flames 8m+ edps, 1000+ mvspd, permanent invisibility, permanent 1000 radius fire aura of murder, clear all content as fast as you can move SpooN Foy
 Slardar R arcana build Tanky and deals ridiculous amounts of damage. Challenge friendly for spell armor/hp mods. Can do great skips Cocolo
 Mountain Protector's Journey of E Spam Mountain Protector's E1 has a scaling of 12% per rune. This makes it an ideal dmg source. Left Click
 OP Epoch Guardian - Have Test Video :) OP, NERVER DIE, AOE Kill, DPS 189M ผกเรือก
 Arcana Q Q1 >Q2 5M+dps walklan
 str omniro str is the most importand !! str give you any thing (BAD, base attack, attack speed, even armor pierce) Hi im newbie
 Deckard's Ice Bitch Indestructible Arcane Torrent build, using body Arcana to transmute all elemental damage into amped Ice. Solo all content safely and quickly! Deckard Cain
 Seinaru with boots arcana - Have Test Video :) build with boots arcana, 36M+ per time, aoe kill ผกเรือก
 Carnobog (it is a car joke) (because he is fast! beep beep!) (no this isn't some autistic Thai child's channel, it's the spirit of Carnobog, with 1800 movespeed and a oneshot aura) Deckard Cain
 Happy BM for the sea海图快乐兽王 move to kill every thing. If its slow, stand on ice q for a second. If its still slow, one chop to finish.没什么是走路不能解决的,如果有,那就补上q2来发平砍。 laisertank
 My Trapper - Watcth Video :) ผกเรือก
 15+ million build damage. Not maximum runes and rolls Solo cleans any location. The immortal hero while doing damage SCHRODINGER'S CAT
 Speedy boi Running around while leaving remnants behind to kill your enemies. Adonans
 BETTER THAN SPAMMING W BUILD - DK ARCANA Q Build As you can see this build is "EXPENSIVE" but its pretty fun. It can clear each side in Sea fortress relatively fast 7-10 mins Can bring chaos and apocalypse by pressing Q, E & R Idik of the Nine Rings
 Free 350m DPS(up>700m), good mobility, auto Attack+ Regen HP A Perfect gem in the armor is only needed. Automatic Illusion attacks aoe 0.2s, 20% hp regen/2s, Permanently invisible. IceCrow