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 ITEM DAMAGE Seinaru relies on weapon and hand procs which are both item dmg Shadow
 Heroic Fury - They will see you, they are dead Q2 together with the Glyph of Consecration becomes a Damage Aura. Build focus on STR + Q2. Q1 helps against Single Target. Guggelhupf
 My Auriun - Have Video :) Sea Fortress 21minutes(Can be under 21 minutes),Die Hard , 8-22+M DPS, 1600ms(Can be more than 2400+) ฅนไทย
 My Spirit Warrior - Watcth Video :) 4,100M DPS (Can up) / Survival is ok and can change any item to very survival ฅนไทย
 Auto attack trapper (updated) former version: 󠀡󠀡useless
 My Djanghor V.2 - Have Video :) Rebuild V.2, Auto AOE DMG, Harded, DPS 11M (m -armor 0) / 5M (m-armor 10K) ฅนไทย
 My Flamewaker - Have Video :) 17M+ DPS , HP101 , Die Hard , Item Build ฅนไทย
 My Seinaru - Watcth Video :) Indy, All Type DMG, The Flash ฅนไทย
 My Red General - Watcth Video :) Q with Item Build (re post to fix the description) ฅนไทย
 My Jex - Have Video :) Without Arcana, Die Hard ,Max DPS 19M ฅนไทย
 Free 350m DPS(up>700m), good mobility, auto Attack+ Regen HP A Perfect gem in the armor is only needed. Automatic Illusion attacks aoe 0.2s, 20% hp regen/2s, Permanently invisible. IceCrow
 My Omniro INT - Watcth Video :) Omniro INT ฅนไทย
 My Paladin - Watcth Video :) ฅนไทย
 4.0刷图舒爽老鹿(无障碍跳图) 单海图能进14mins以内,jjc能6mins+搞定,出暴击单发输出650w,穿透12000+ ZJ
 My Duskbringer - Watcth Video :) 177M DPS - Auto ATK - Auto Kill - Easy to play ฅนไทย
 Slardar R arcana build Tanky and deals ridiculous amounts of damage. Challenge friendly for spell armor/hp mods. Can do great skips Ned
 Zhonik through the shield cast shield on yourself by cooldown, if the mob is very fat, then stand near the enemy and run. pure damage will finish the enemy Maite
 str omniro str is the most importand !! str give you any thing (BAD, base attack, attack speed, even armor pierce) Hi im newbie
 Flock You A single Viper pet is capable of killing any unit in the game without breaking a sweat. You're permanently invisible, you have a dozen Vipers, and they all fly through walls. Deckard Cain
 Happy BM for the sea海图快乐兽王 move to kill every thing. If its slow, stand on ice q for a second. If its still slow, one chop to finish.没什么是走路不能解决的,如果有,那就补上q2来发平砍。 laisertank
 Deckard's Ice Bitch Indestructible Arcane Torrent build, using body Arcana to transmute all elemental damage into amped Ice. Solo all content safely and quickly! Deckard Cain
 My Trapper - Watcth Video :) ฅนไทย
 only need E to fuck every thing !! (auto attack build) 200m dps with black paint 240k+ hp and life steal with e3 Hi im newbie
 Mountain Protector's Journey of E Spam Mountain Protector's E1 has a scaling of 12% per rune. This makes it an ideal dmg source. Left Click
 Arcana Q Q1 >Q2 5M+dps walklan
 Arcane Omniro Balance of high damage and High survival allowing for easy clears without deaths. Shadow
 Speedy boi Running around while leaving remnants behind to kill your enemies. Adonans
 至宝头平a黑妞(小黑) 我打的单海极限13:04mins(消灭sv),手残上不去了,所以只要小伙伴手速够快,进12+mins也不是不可能喔。雪上提亚马特任务特快,不被精英怪喷死的话能17mins左右刷完,刷合成石也能达到一次性满20颗的强度(2-4要刷稍高一点,其他低一些) ZJ
 lure enemy using Q and press E jsut for fun Im a thrower
 Pala double arcana Use W and E ibituruna
 Dual-arcana E Can kill bosses in a single cast of E if they are surrounded by mobs. Screaming Phoenix Killer
 My Mountain Protector - Watcth Video :) indy build , item build ฅนไทย
 DK Q Arcana Updated (Q2-Q3-Q4. R3) Full explanation below As you can see this build is "EXPENSIVE" but its pretty fun. It can clear each side in Sea fortress relatively fast 7-10 mins Can bring chaos and apocalypse by pressing Q, E & R Idik of the Bible
 w arcana with fire deity (upgraded) 8m+ dps, 101 hp build Rav
 New Auriun 4.1 - Have Test Video :) Pure AOE Pierce Immunity , Die Hard, MS 2100+, DPS 15-20M ฅนไทย
 My Sorceress - Have Test Video :) item build, Pure AOE DMG, Harded , Pure DPS 15-20M(Perfect Gem), Pierce Magic Immunity ฅนไทย
 BETTER THAN SPAMMING W BUILD - DK ARCANA Q Build As you can see this build is "EXPENSIVE" but its pretty fun. It can clear each side in Sea fortress relatively fast 7-10 mins Can bring chaos and apocalypse by pressing Q, E & R Idik of the Bible
 ♥✞ solo sea 30min ♥✞ Q=fire fire E=space space W=fire space Абортариум
 Imagine paying 25m mithril for Venomort arcanas OMEGALUL Non arcana build that can range any mob in game also kill valdun in a single phase with dirt cheap gear Ned
 Tanky R arcana AM 50% evasion tanky Anti Mage, focus on bad% as much as u can Carboon
 Fly like the Wind[E3] Blow your enemies away with this high dps and good aoe clear. High survival, shields, magic immunity, and sustain. Shadow
 [T7-2] Glyph of Inner Quasar Every point in Tier 4 runes grants an additional 2% Cosmic element damage. >10m dps IceCrow
 My Astral Ranger - Watcth Video :) Astral Ranger R1 R2 with new glyph ฅนไทย
 Have you ever dream about this before 4.0? Spirit Warrior R and W arcanas are working. No joking. monkoose
 Fly me to the Moon(Ver.2) Q to Up in the sky and Blink like stars with E(Solo SEA 30min) MoMenTuM
 3000w dps 看看就好 刘嘟嘟
 My Slipfinn(Slark) - Watcth Video :) One Hit Kill All Sea Boss ฅนไทย
 super cheap AXE build for beginers! 最强新手斧王! super cheap, 150k mithril and 7.4k gems, solo sven before shield, solo sea in 2 death and 50min, good mobility, skip stuffs, 极度便宜,组这套一共花了15w水晶和7k4宝石,秒sven,50分钟2死solo海图,机动性好,可以跳图。 laisertank
 arcana jex Q(宇宙+火)+W(宇宙+火)+E(宇宙+火) 王斯王
 Fishy Boy 4.0 Extremely tanky one shotter with shit aoe, can be adjusted for more aoe Ned