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Arkimus was born into royalty as the son of the leader of the Lightning Arc clan. He was brutally trained by his father and his generals to be as powerful as his ancestors before. From a young age he would be forced to endure trials of lightning, where they would pass an electric current through his body with increasing voltage each time. Many children would die during these trials, but they were happy to let the electricity select for fitness. With the ability to manipulate lightning and arcane energy, Arkimus was able to slay his first dragon at the age of 13, which was an unprecedented feat. To the disappointment of his father, Arkimus did not wish to take the throne, and instead wanted to become a nomad who travelled and killed at will. His father started a fight with him, but Arkimus slaughtered the man for getting in his way. Arkimus left the brotherhood, leaving the the leadership of the Lightning Arc clan fractured and dismayed.