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Moreana was just a regular girl from a small forest village. Every day she and her brothers would go into the woods to practice their marksmanship. They would stay longer and deeper into the night, even when their mother warned them of the unyielding dangers of darkness. They would not listen, and one night the moon stood high and full, corrupted invaders controlled by the Crimsyth swarmed the forest. The influx of monsters caused Moreana and her brothers to get lost, and so they were left to survive at a young age with no way to find home. The light of day seemed to never come, and over the following weeks she watched as her brothers were mercilessly slain by the creatures of the night. After 60 days of darkness in the woods, Moreana, alone and afraid, dropped to her knees and looked up at the once again full and shining moon. She clasped her hands and helplessly apologized to her brothers, and to her mother who she had ignored. The light of the moon stained her tear-laden cheeks, and a lunar energy infused her body and bow. She now commands the blessings of the Moon and Stars and vows to use this to protect everything she holds dear.