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The conjuror started out as a regular student at the Academy of Elements. He was a promising young man, but always showed an interest in forbidden magic. His mentors began to worry about him, as he was showing signs of a young psychopath who cared about nothing but magic. As his knowledge grew he became ever more arrogant and narcissistic. Through each year that he graduated he delved deeper and deeper into dangerous and evil spellcasting theories. The Academy expelled him to try and teach him a lesson, but it made no difference. Conjuration was where he found his true calling. An art befitting a maddened prodigy it only grew stronger as he practiced day and night, knowing no rest. He read texts from any origin and practiced conjurations that nobody had ever conceived of. Finally he reached a pinnacle of genius. Through the mixture of dark arts and elemental mastery he had perfected his craft. He can now summon corporeal avatars composed of pure elements that are completely under his command.