Elemental Warlord



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As The World Horn erupted in sound, a young boy was born at the foot of a Great Mountain. The echoes of the world horn are said to have imbued the boy with an immortal spirit. When war broke out, his father was forced to bring him along at just 8 years old since their armies were short on soldiers. The boy showed courage in war, but wasn’t very effective compared to his older allies that fought alongside him. During a battle with the Lightning Arc clan, one of their Chief Revenants fired a lethal bolt of lightning directly at our young warrior’s chest. Before it struck him, he felt a primal energy within that was waiting to burst. A case of ice surrounded him, surprising the nearby combatants and blocking the electric bolt. The ground began to shake beneath him, and raging fire began to swirl around the ice encased novice. Lady Gaia was watching him since the sound of the World Horn, and it is fabled that she is in fact his true mother. Suddenly the boy was destroying opposing soldiers with fireballs and earthquakes, and he became a champion of battle. At just 10 years old, he was feared across the entire continent and his tribe gave him the title of Elemental Warlord.