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Deep within the Sun, a mighty being calls out to the righteous. Solus, the demi-god of light wanted to bless one champion who would become the wielder of his luminescence, and who would cleanse evil with Holy Fire. His subject must be powerful enough to carry out his will, but also pure enough to be free of sin. Without informing his subjects, Solus allowed evil to flourish around his sacred temples. Those who were weak believed Solus had betrayed them, and people began to turn away from The Light. This period was coined the era of Darkness. One particular subject’s faith did not waiver, and instead of succumbing to the evil, he vowed with all his heart to destroy it. The spirits of Darkness were strong and unwilling to leave the temples, but through his shining grace and purity of heart he cleaved through the corruption. As his enemies lay waste beneath him, a sense of victorious light filled his heart. He retrieved the mighty gavel of Solus and he felt a power like never before. He became a shining beacon of righteousness and now destroys evil in Solus' holy name.