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Once a priest of Nefali, his fate has changed for worse ever since the temple was desecrated by the armies of Mak'Gorath. He took solitude on the eyries of the mountains, meditating and harnessing the powers of the wind. He became the first known Aeromancer, able to control the air and flows of wind with ease. Nefali finally granted him her blessing after many long years of solitude. A magical wind she said would protect him and those he holds dear from all harm. But he longed for more, so he continued his practice until he grew wings and was able to soar to the earth from the mountain tops. He received a jade staff from Nefali, enshrined with a gem that gleamed with the immense energy of tempests, which enchanted his winds to even greater levels. He had acquired all the power one could desire from Wind, which has the ability to protect and destroy. Finally he will have his revenge, and rebuild what was taken from him.