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An enigmatic amphibious creature. He is a sneaky rascal and a thief. He was once trusted upon with the task of infiltrating Siltbreaker’s prison and setting him free. Slipfinn was successful, but upon his release Siltbreaker went on a rampage and slaughtered most of Slipfinn’s friends and family, among others. Its gratitude and mercy was only available for one being, Slipfinn, as a token of appreciation for setting him free, so he could rule over the Gloomy Depths again. Slipfinn set upon himself a task of redemption, to imprison the beast once more. He practices for this day by trapping beings in bubbles and mimicking their powers. He scours the world for clues, for treasures, curiosities and odds in hope to conquer the beast once more and put it back where it belongs.