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One night over the village of Kul'el the skies were illuminated by black fire. Wherever it rained, crops would burn and houses were wrecked. As daylight finally dawned, a blazing comet descended from the sky. The sun itself was gone and the moonlight was no more. A child of the heavens was born. Named Solunia by the priest of the sun, she seemed no different than the average child. But on her 13th birthday she was brought into a fit of rage over a petty squabble. Her piercing screams seemingly splintered the sun and immediately brought on the night. After realizing what she had done, she began to cry, and to everyone’s amazement her tears shattered the moon and brought back the Sun. It became clear to the priests that Solunia was a special child of day and night and that her abilities should be brought under her control. Forced to balance the scales that tip over each day, Solunia has mastered her power and now wanders the planet imposing the force of the sun and the will of the moon wherever she feels it’s necessary.