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Anly was a prodigy. Once an Archmage of the Grand Wizard court, she was one of the most powerful magic wielders the world had known. She possessed complete mastery and control of Fire and Ice, and could channel Arcane energies as easily as she could walk. On her quest for knowledge and power, she began experimenting with dark energies, not knowing the dangers it possessed. Her apprentice had become suspicious of her late night disappearances and snuck into her tower where a mighty portal raged. Chaotic green energy pulsated within. Anly was caught off guard, and she was angrered by her snooping apprentice. She started chanting maniacially, and unleashed a spell from her staff that shot directly into the centre of the portal. It collapsed into itself, but a fragment of chaotic energy rebounded and became infused with Anly. The Grand Wizard court determined that Anly’s actions were unforgivable, and the corrupted energies from the Dark Portal were a threat to peace. She could not longer be trusted and was thus banished from the court. Scarred with shame and chaotic fallout, she now hones her magical powers in the wastes of Winterblight.