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A once curious young boy who ventured too far, now an old recluse who was forsaken by his own curiosity. He received a bite from a venomous snake, and he struggled for breath in the deepest thicket of Tanari Jungle. After barely dragging himself to the village from whence he came, a shaman greeted him at his doorstep. Covered in tattoos which glowed bright green, the boy agreed to follow him. The shaman took him back to the toxin ridden lands, to a shrine of his god. There he was given a choice: Keep his venom and become one with the toxic current, or be healed and exiled forever from the jungle. He chose the venom and thus chose death. Struggling to keep concious, his body took on tattoos resembling the shamans, and a snake rose from the swamp. The snake stiffened and turning into a staff, a weapon called Venomblight. He grew old and alone, bordering on the edge of life and death. Now he is contagion itself, a living embodiment of plague.