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Duskbringer - Lv.120





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Root and disarm enemies with W, disabling their AI forever
Gameplay Tips

Ordinarily, Duskbringer's W roots targets only for a short duration, and they become immune to the effect for several seconds afterward. However, rooting them from another source, such as Cap of Wild Nature, can keep them in the area until the immunity period expires; as explained in the RPC Tutorial map's quests, monsters do have a special protection against being permanently stunned, but no such protection exists for roots or other types of disables. Because of this, Duskbringer is capable of locking enemies in place for as long as he keeps placing W zones under their feet.

Permanently rooting a target is not very helpful or powerful on its own - if the target never gets any closer to being dead, then all you're doing is wasting your own time; also, rooted targets are not prevented from attacking, so you haven't even completely neutralized their threat to your party. But Duskbringer's W is unique in that it has a Glyph that can also disarm enemies caught in the area. Due to the way Neutral Unit AI is implemented in Dota 2, a disarmed monster will not even attempt to move toward your allies or take any other actions. Most disarm effects are purged or prevented by Spell Immunity, but Duskbringer's W1 will still deal instances of damage to units protected by Spell Immunity or even Invulnerability - these damage instances can still be reduced to 0, but that will not stop them from being able to trigger Cap of Wild Nature's rooting effect.

Taken together, this allows Duskbringer to permanently trap large groups of monsters at a chokepoint, no matter how fast or how durable they are. This is a unique benefit in later Serengaard waves, where an active Duskbringer player can freeze multiple lanes of advancing monsters, stalling them until a murderous ally can make room in his busy schedule.

This does not mean the build is completely helpless on its own - in addition to providing lockdown, W2 strips away all Magic Resistance from trapped foes and pushes it deeply into the negatives, causing them to take massively increased Magic damage. Combined with the Glyph of Haunted Spirits, R4, and Q2, the hits from Cap of Wild Nature do significant damage on their own, while W4 provides necessary post-mitigation amp. The large damage multipliers from Crystalline Slippers and Claw of the Ethereal Revenant further boost these strikes, while also providing a net 98% resistance to all damage taken from trapped victims, helping keep Duskbringer healthy even against monsters with retaliatory passives. No kidding, this build's damage output is capable of clearing all Legend mode maps without any assistance, with very few exceptions (like monsters who can't take Magical damage, or any of the more advanced Winterblight difficulties).

Extra Info

Note that the build's only source of health sustain is W3, which is to say that the build has no health sustain - therefore, the 98% damage resistance can only put off the inevitable against targets that zap you whenever you damage them. Additionally, there are monsters in RPC that are programmed to teleport or undergo forced movement in specific intervals, such as Paragon mobs with certain affixes; these abilities are also capable of escaping Chronosphere effects, so there is truly no way to keep those targets locked down for eternity.

Due to the way Magic Resistance totals are calculated, you will notice that if your W2 reduces a target's MR by 1400%, and you trap a monster with 20% MR, that monster will NOT have a total MR of -1380%. This is because each individual source of Magic Resistance is treated as its own separate mathematical operation, similar to how sources of percentile damage reduction are totaled up. This means that W2 will only apply its full normal benefit to targets who have no sources of bonus MR and whose default MR is 0%; against targets with even a slight amount of MR, W2's benefit will be drastically reduced, but as long as W2 reduces MR by at least 100%, it will always ensure that monsters cannot use MR to mitigate incoming Magic damage from you and your party.

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05/27/19 08:11
I became a cop after using this guide, 10/10

12/ 3/18 06:33
Your thoughts have made me amazing. From these words, you can see that you are a player who likes to study games.