Insane healing, 99%+ resistance and max attack power cap
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Build Description
Before we proceed, read this link to get the first idea:
Gameplay Tips

I.) Core items:
-Blade of Arcadia.
-Helm of the Knight Hawk
-Baron Storm armor/Armor of Atlantis.
-Galvanized Razor Band (might be changed).
-A Raijin Nimbus Boots.
-Silverspring Gloves.

II.) How does this work:
It’s clearly that the 90% resistance on all damage types from the helm is too good, we can’t argue this fact. Since you need 550 movespeed to activate the effect, and you already have base movespeed of 420, and the helm can roll just 160+ movepseed on the top roll, you can easily have its protection most of the time.
But, you are doing a tanking build, while your hero is a agi based hero and she has no way of getting a good amount of health. So you would need at least 200k+ hp, which is equal to 8k str, to make this somewhat working. This is hard to get. That’s why the all attribute on your Arcadia is very important (it even give you some mana to get w2 buff). If you managed to get its level maxed, and 4k5 str on your helm, you would be fine with just Baron Storm armor. Or, you can just use Atlantis plate, which can roll 200k+ hp 1st roll and ready to go anytime.
You may ask: ”Then how the hell would that resistance from the Atlantis plate work.” The damage scaling from monsters of each area in rpc doesn’t goes up like “Hey, this might hurt a little bit.”, it will go from nothing at all, to “fuck you” damage. That’s why Atlantis armor will work most of the time, as you progressing the map.
Why Razor Band? You don’t use it as a damage source, but rather a damage boosting item. From what you can see from the item description, it has 2 impact on your build:
-Faster E3 healing stacking, for how you would take extra damage every time something hit you.
-Post-mitigation amp.
Monsters are everywhere, and they do come up as a group, so with the trinket, you take less time to gain enough damage, and even rocks against enemies with steedfast.
Of course, not all of the encounter in the game are group-like, or not crowded enough. So you still need to use your R oftenly for getting post-mitigation boost.
“But OP, how could you told us to get Blade of Arcadia, while you are using a Zetsabre”.
The only reason I would use it is because, as you can see, the blade has 8k+ agi. It’s a very rare, and high agi roll, for a tier 3 weapon which only drop from the Sea Fortress final boss (9462 agi is the rarest). You don’t usually see something like this exist, even on test server. Otherwise, I would still stick to an Arcadia blade and still get about the same max result. 4k+ attribute, and 4k+ agi, still sum up as 8k agi.

Extra Info

To use the Razor band, the build might have trouble at start sometime. Minium of 18k agi at start would be best. This makes the build somewhat costly. So, an alternative way of using this, is the Garnet Warfare ring. Because you do have some hp from str to survive anyway, the Garnet ring turned to be also really nice.

Fighting Sea Fortress mid land gate boss, the Naga King is really annoying. the only way to pass him on yourself, is having a Razor Band + a poison knife throw at you, from the left land Qop mobs. A single throw will max the stack with no long time. After then you can peacefully kill him. Otherwise, you will stuck, and have to use Aerith Tear + Stormshield cloak, and hitting him for like 10 minutes at best.

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