Heroic Fury - They will see you, they are dead
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Paladin - Lv.120





Build Description
Q2 together with the Glyph of Consecration becomes a Damage Aura. Build focus on STR + Q2. Q1 helps against Single Target.
Gameplay Tips

Hit Q to activate the dmg aura. Then just run around and see everyone around you dying in tears. This also gives us up to 6% Health on Melee Hit.
In some situation it can be helpfull to De- and Reactivate Q because it refreshed the Divine Shield stacks (only if you have the immortal RADIANCE weapon. Use this against enemys who are jumping at you with alot of attacks to prevent the first four hits.
R2 provides a "short" attack boost which is nice against Bosses.
E1 revives us in place every 120sec
E2 deal huge amounts of physical dmg against every foe who is stupid enough to hit us in melee range.
Q4 gives us together with the general Q Melee Heal and W3 a nice overheal Shield.
W3 also disarmes our enemys on proc.

Use E do jump over gaps and for challenges with E disabled you can also use W for a little backward push.

Extra Info

Stats with the Gear you see: https://i.imgur.com/ceIXe1r.jpg

IMPORTANT: You can switch the Ruby from the Gold Plate with an Amethyst as soon as you have enough STR to get advantage of it. So in early the Ruby is better and in late game its the Amethys.

Importance order of the Items:
1) Yasha Boots - together with the Amethyst Gem they provide the highest flat damage increase. The Ruby gives us addtional STR. It also offers alot of Armor Pierce which we convert to Spell Pierce with our Helmet.
2) Garnet Warfare Ring - this ring is our main Base Ability Damage increase which comes from a high STR pool. Pick the Amethyst first to increase your Attack Damage. And later the Sapphire to further increase our total Damage bonus.
3) Wraith Hunter's Steel Helm - This helmet converts our Armor Pierce which we get from our Boots into Spell Pierce. With the Ruby in it we get some additional Defense and with the Sapphire we further increase the Spell Pierce.
4) Heavy Echo Gauntlet - This gauntlet will at least double our dmg with an additional proc for all our hits. The Emerald gives us a good Base Ability Damage bonus. And the Ruby let our Damage Sources proc more often.
5) Gold Plate of Leon - This Armor provides us a HUGE STR upgrade and offers together with the Sapphire an additional nice Damage increase.

The Immortal Weapon will be the Radiance. This weapon allows us to get 4 instead of 1 Divine Shield from our Q3 and also gives us 4 Shield stacks on Q activate.

The Glyphs we are using are the following
Paladin Glyphs:
[T2-1] Glyph of Consecration - This is our most important Glyph and you should wear it as soon as possible because it changes our Q skill from a single use into a passive Damage Aura.
Neutral Glyphs:
[T6-1] Glyph of Grand Strength - This glyph provides us 250 STR which is a huge boost to our damage
[T6-3] Glyph of Enhances Attacking - This glyph give an additional 35% damage bonus. This is great because it grows with the amount of our Base Damage.

How to deal with huge % increased Boss Stats Challenges:

Change the Garnet Warfare Ring with Red Divinex Amulet with at least a Pristine! Ruby for Item Damage increase. And change the Wraith Hunter's Steel Helm with Guard of Luma (Ruby+Amethyst for additinal procs) for PURE dmg. This way the defense from our enemys doesnt matter.

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06/ 4/20 20:52
This build is very friendly to new players and just easier to make. I recommend this omni build for sure. The luma and red divinix build cant compete with this until you get max gem level on trinket.

05/25/20 04:16
yo man, I got the "gloves of the world", I think that it could be better, I mean, you got like 50k attack damage, so, in terms of damage is better, but you lose the instances of damage, I really dont know, but, it could be a better option.

05/14/20 16:34
great build. but sadly it got mass downvoted because of some thai parasite...

04/13/20 18:22
Newbie friendly build, able to finish sea fortress even with with mediocre trinket and no immortal weapon. No need arcana too, so it's really viable build early.

03/27/20 20:11
can you also tell stats for divinex amulet and guard of luma stats please, and how to find Glyph of War and Glyph of Sorcery , I couldn't find them on the enchanter

Mad bees
03/ 8/20 21:40
Great build

Hundred Laughing
02/29/20 07:19
Great build

vê le
01/20/20 15:01
Great build ! I can finish sea with only 18k atk dmg with this.