Always full HP, 99%+ resists, and 2.147b total attack power
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Deckard Cain

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Voltex - Lv.120





Build Description
We fixed the bug that would cause attack damage to overflow into the negatives if it exceeded 2.147b. That means Arcana E3 + Silverspring Gloves is now viable.
Gameplay Tips

The primary complaint about other Voltex builds is that she's a glass cannon - your only defenses are W3 shields, and the prayer that you won't get silenced or stunned. In areas where there are no enemies that can shut her down, she melts everything, but against even a single monster that can interrupt her, Voltex is helpless.

What if I told you that you could have even higher damage output, while also being nearly indestructible?

A long time ago, if your total attack damage ever went higher than 2.147 billion, it would underflow into the negatives. Voltex's Arcana E3, in combination with Silverspring Gloves, could cause that issue very easily. I had reported it as a bug ( ), and it stayed unresolved for a long time... but the future is now, and if your damage ever overflows, it is capped to 2.147 billion.

To use this build correctly, you kite every monster in a room, and let them all beat your ass. If you need to absorb the first few damage instances using W3, do so. Monsters will become debuffed by Baron's Storm Armor, making them incapable of killing you, while also taking incredible Magical Lightning/Wind damage every 0.1 seconds... and their damage is recorded by E3, then transferred to your attack power through Silverspring Gloves.

Baron's Storm Armor reduces the pre-mitigation damage dealt to you by 85%. This means the damage calculations against you will begin with numbers that are almost divided by 10, compared to their full normal values. They are then passed to the 50% DR from Helm of the Mountain Giant, and the 90% Pure Resist from Sparkling Trinket of Oceanis. Your R3 weapon, and the Glyph that adds 12 seconds to the R3 buff's duration, give you more than 100% MR, making you completely immune to Magic damage, and as an AGI hero with an E4 rune that increases Lightning damage based on AGI, your Armor is probably high enough that you're probably never worried about Physical damage, either.

After you have allowed monsters to kick your ass, you will notice that your HP Regen stat skyrockets, easily reaching hundreds of millions of HP restored per second. Since HP regenerates every 0.03 seconds, like most other operations in Dota 2, your health will always be restored to full instantly, as though you had a God Mode hack.

"But Deckard," you may ask, "2.147b attack damage is fine, but 2 billion damage is pretty low in RPC. Even if we have +10,000% Lightning amp, 200 billion isn't very high either. If we don't have an item that gives Base Ability Damage, or Item Damage, then aren't we missing a multiplier?"

Man, you're right. That would be a total letdown. Except that Voltex's R2 has a ridiculous scaling of 150% total attack damage per rune level, one of the highest percentile scaling runes in the game, more than double the scaling of the 60%/level from E1 and E2. With even just 100 R2, those lightning bolts each deal 150x her attack damage, further multiplied by E4's Lightning amp and W4's Magic amp.

And while you're dropping those lightning bolts, Baron's Storm Armor itself deals 5x your total attack damage over 10 times per second to everything in the room with you. In almost all content in the game, this build never even has to move a muscle - you can stand there and yawn while monsters stand around electrocuting themselves to death against your body armor.

Extra Info

While there are no sources of Pure damage in RPC high enough to oneshot you through Helm of the Mountain Giant and the Oceanis trinket, you can actually die to Physical damage very easily, if monsters are able to reduce your Physical Resist enough. If you have more than 8,000 total Armor, most monsters will not be able to reduce you to below 1500 Armor, or ~98% Physical resistance... however, this build simply does not have enough AGI to give Armor that high until the Blade of Arcadia weapon is at max level.

If you absolutely need to prevent this Voltex from dying to anything except scripted automatic death events (like Shadow Bahamut's Power Word: Kill), then you can use Stormshield Cloak, which rolls extremely high Armor while also giving 50% additional resistance to Physical damage. This comes at the cost of the wonderful chain lightning damage from Baron's Storm Armor, but it also has another hidden benefit: E3 uses the pre-mitigation damage dealt by monsters, so Baron's Storm Armor actually REDUCES the HP Regen value you'll be getting from E3 by 85%! So if you use Stormshield Cloak instead, you will still have 2 billion attack damage all the time, and it's more friendly to builds looking to use E1/E2 as damage sources instead of R2.

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08/ 9/19 08:15
update: Still working, and is even better

06/27/19 19:38
я не понимаю что мне делать и куда писать какой куратор фиг поймешь куда обратиться странная кастомка хочу уже крошить лица аддам такие вот дела

06/27/19 19:37

06/26/19 06:28
still working?

Deckard Cain
04/ 3/19 10:52
The 2 April 2019 nerfs to Arcana E3 and Silverspring Gloves have not impacted this build at all. With a base damage value of 500m, it only requires 7 or more points of W2 to reach the 2.147 billion total attack damage cap.

03/30/19 01:09
The negative damage is visual. The only thing that still bugged in this build is the white damage overflow. If the damage taken too big, it will reset to 0.

03/20/19 08:24
I still see got negative in my dmg part when my regeneration raising

02/11/19 05:53
The dmg is low and slow. Most of the time im standing in one place for a min to build up enough dmg and its gone after 3 sec(all the gear is the same). Monkey paw helped me to keep the dmg buff but it goes to negative with W. Tips ?

Molodoy Hooligan
01/21/19 21:10
Very good

01/10/19 05:57 Confirmed by me, this build kickass!

Scorpion Medallion
12/12/18 00:36
So I was able to find Raijin Nimbus Boots while leveling, but I understand the other equips are hard to come by. Do you have any suggestions for other slots while working my way toward these BiS items?

12/ 4/18 02:58
Bug is still occurring as of today, submitted the bug report. Overall super fun build!

12/ 3/18 14:43
Great build! The explanation is good too :) I would like to ask, can i replace gloves with master gloves for the r2 r3 runes? Or that build badly needs regen and the 1000% of health stat as damage?

12/ 3/18 14:11
understand, just curious how you gonna deal with steadfast

Deckard Cain
12/ 3/18 12:22
If you get hit by 3 sources of lethal Pure damage within the same 0.03-second server tick (happens frequently), you can still die with Conquest Stone Falcon. Also, it doesn't give ~5k All Attributes. I would recommend it for low HP builds.

12/ 3/18 05:22
will sparkling token change to conquest will more effective?