Fishy Boi is Back
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Slipfinn - Lv.120





Build Description
Kill everything you touch in the game in matter of seconds while being invulnerable
Gameplay Tips

Slark got hit hard with r4 nerf and winterblight map competely cucking him with low base damage mobs (thanks chalky). But with the new arcana, all that is over and he is back to being the most buggy and broken character in the game.

Gear requirements:

-ZERO strength/hp
-HP regen in one stat slot (1000+ is recommended, 2.5k will make you giga tanky)
- Agility in as many slots as possible since we don't have many available
- Ankh to not get instakilled after possession bubble ends and to ignore any disables that may stop possession channeling
- Wind Deity Helm that skyrockets our DPS because E2 and base skill procs it constantly to max procs possible (10 hits/second on a single target), also works great because E3 is a great damage amplifier and gravekeeper's cloak stacks will go nuts in no time
- Gravekeeper's gloves to kill any bosses in the game with ZERO exceptions or difficulty. Just spin around them for 15 seconds and they'll fall. An exception here is to use ironbound gloves to get higher damage in winterblight map because of the reason I explained at start.
- Arcana, duh
- Heroic Conqueror's Vest or Bladestorm Vest. difference is that you get more base damage/water and shadow damage with Heroic meanwhile Bladestorm Vest gives + damage and post-mitigation damage. In most cases, Heroic will perform better.
- E3/E2 weapon, not as required as non-arcana version (E3 was a must) but still the best option. Weapon type doesn't really matter but Wetlands Dagger is probably slightly better due agility bonus and instant respawn. Jagged Mire Knife does better in winterblight due the base damage bonus it provides


- Find the first steadfast creep you can get and possess it
- Press E
- Profit

Jokes (and the truth) aside, there are a few pro tips:

- Sea Fortress left side's end centaurs,
- Right side's end treants,
- Mid lane's reflect bears...

can be possessed to get mega steadfast which means you need to take 200 instances of damage at once to die, which has never happened.

Stuff to possess on maps' start:

- Almost half of the mobs in Sea has steadfast, at entrance you can use the barnacles.
- Pit is a bit tricky since at the very start before lanes are up you will die a lot if you are solo. If not, go to the left and grab the lone druids or earthshakers
- Winterblight also has a lot of steadfast mobs, I don't run WB often but there is a large dire creep modelled mob that has mega steadfast, then u won't need anything else really. also steadfast+immunity break mobs are good too
- For Redfall, go straight to the right and pick up a lone druid
- For Tanari, I think there were steadfast mobs near wind temple part 1 entrance? Haven't ran tanari with slark for a long time aswell

Extra Info

There are a billion bugs related to slark, but these are the most dire ones:
- Even though R2 says that the released creature is damage immune, they occationally die and render your R unusable for the rest of the game session. ALWAYS stop rolling before timer runs out and prepare to capture your creature back.
-Rolling is extremely bugged even in vanilla dota 2 but here it is in a whole new level. In most parts of Sea Fortress (specially where there are bodies of water) you can fall beneath the earth. If you are quick and stop rolling before you go too deep, you can spam E and get in and out of rolling mode to push yourself upwards. If you are too deep, let your minion go and sometimes you can see it hitting you from upstairs and you can possess it. If none of these work, use town portal.
- Jumping on someone's head is an extremely buggy mechanic aswell, which is also triggered with ulti usage, which means you can jump to insane heights and probably glitch out of map or get stuck somewhere. To avoid this, press Q as soon as you got the creature and that'll make you smash the ground.
- In Serengaard, there are certain creatures that will change your keybinds which'll fuck up your ultimate and you can't use shortcut for your ultimate. You need to click to your ultimate then target with your mouse if that happens.

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11/29/19 03:41
Hitting Q+W while rolling adds stacks of Deity Helm.

08/14/19 00:31
F for Ned!

👌 Rage 👌
06/ 1/19 23:59
Really fun build holy shiet, good job. You are literally inmortal with the ankh and can one shot valdun 10/10