Stargazer's Sphere

Slot: Amulet

Damage Type: PURE
Element: Cosmic
Property Rolls
Eye of the Stargazer
Issuing an attack-move order at any range creates a cosmic aperture with 300 vision radius. Enemies inside the aperture who take damage will be struck by a star that deals Pure damage equal to 100% of the damage instance which triggered it. Enemies can only be hit by a star once every 0.5 seconds. Issuing an attack-move order within a circle instantly collapses it, forming a meteor that does 500% of attack damage in the area and stuns enemies for 1 second. Stargazer aperture creation has a 2 second internal cooldown.
Vision Increase 387 - 1026
Cosmic Damage % 42 - 780
Rune E1 7 - 52