Web Premium
+72 Online Stash Slots
72 Additional Stash Slots are available while logged in to Roshpit.ca
Online Stash Organization
Drag and drop items on your profile page

+90 Auctions and Mails
You can have 100 active auctions and mails.
Reduced 2% Auction Fee
Glowing In-Game Portrait
A small visual in-game that shows your support

Support Development
ChalkyBrush can reduce hours at work and get more content added faster

1 Web Premium Token adds 30 days of web premium status when activated.
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4.0 Promotion!
Each Web Premium purchase also grants an additional Inscription Kit

Inscription Kits allow you to add permanent tags to selected equipment.
Promotion runs until January 31st, 2020

Number of Tokens

You may purchase between 1-12 tokens in a single transaction.

Consume Immediately

If you do not consume your tokens, they will be sent to your Pool of Eternity so they can be traded, sold, or consumed later.
You must be logged in to purchase Web Premium tokens

*Roshpit Web Premium is an external service that has no connection to Valve, Steam, or Dota 2
Web Premium is 100% optional and has absolutely no effect on gameplay.
You can still remove items from web stash after expiry